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Hello, c'est moi

Been pretty busy trying to get some things done for college/enjoying the French holiday festivities so here's some very unorganized notes that I have taken during the past two weeks:

Tip: Saying the english word with a french accent usually works.. unless you can't remember the french word for "phrase" because "fraise" is strawberries. (Mistake I made my first week and forgot about until now)

My new host family has established the "new english word or phrase of the day". This usually comes from something that someone points to in the house/town or a phrase that one of my host brothers saw online. So far with word we have learned torchon=towel, Grand rue= Ferris wheel, and trade=echanger. The phrases have been a bit harder because they're a bit hard to explain. My host brother asked what "Everywhere float the boat" meant. I finally realized that this was "whatever floats your boat" then had to explain that with my limited vocabulary.

Somehow in my history class, in english, where we're studying the civil rights movement, of the United States, I don't have the best grade in the class. ??? Also my host brother has a better english grade than me?

I love the french words for junk food! Chichis are these delicious, fried, churro, sugary, heavenly things. Also the word for cotton candy is barbe a papa (say it out loud really quickly a few times)

I'm not the biggest fan of acrobatics class. The teacher just puts pictures of stick figures in human pyramids then we're supposed to try it. The stick figures make it look so easy....

I have found that the more I understand French, the less I understand French reality TV. A short description of a show I watched the other day: A mother and son are fighting over a tv remote, then a man in a leather jacket comes in. He tells them to stop, talks to them for a bit about how violence is bad, and tells them to pack their bags. They drive to the middle of nowhere. The son exercises a bunch while the mom talks to a counselor. The mother and son both go ziplining. They show selfies of the mother and son being happy, and that's the end of the show.
I didn't really get it either.

I have now had the French version of Jingle Bells stuck in my head for the entire day
Update: That lasted about 2 days^^

New segments for my blog posts: Things I See on Public Transportation (Train, bus, tram) and Things I See in School

First up with public transport we have:
a baby stroller full of lettuce (tram)
a monk (train)

and in my school:
there's just a bunch of electric guitars hanging in the office
the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack was playing on the loudspeakers
On the first day of December I almost walked into a christmas tree in the middle of the hallway
The show FRIENDS plays on the tvs during lunch hours
A roll has been on the window ledge of my english class for the entire year

Now I'm off to go christmas tree shopping at IKEA!

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Funny! Laughing out loud at the floats your boat and stick figure stories! 😂

From Mom, the Editor: I find it ironic that the ' is missing in "were" for "we are" in the paragraph about your English grade. Hmmmmm....😘

by Mom

This is really fun to read. And funny! When we were in Cassis, a long time ago, there was a man with a basket full of something, holding a little pair of tongs, wandering around the people laying on the beach, and saying "Chichis? Chichis?". Now I see we should have bought some!!! We didn't know what they were and suspected a deep fried bug or something gross!!!
Keep on making memories and sharing with us. It's great!

by Susan

Absolutely love your writing! Keep 'em coming. Well, being in a new place is really eye-opening in lots of ways, huh? Our language sounds so simple until someone asks about floating a boat.... 🎄

by Nancy

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