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pour les francophones, il ya un résumé à la fin ;)

So three swedes, four french people, and an american walk into a bar.
This is not the beginning of a joke, it's what happened yesterday
As incredibly cheesy as this is, it made my mom laugh so

Shout out to Uncle J! Thanks for checking for new posts :)

For Christmas I decided to make buckeyes for my host family. While making the grocery list I said I needed powdered sugar. As it turns out "sucre en poudre" does not mean powdered sugar... it means just sugar. Sucre glace is powdered sugar.

I think they enjoyed them because there was an investigation of, "Why are there only a few left? Who ate more than two?!"
This is not necessarily a compliment to my baking. When European chocolate is mixed with JIF, the result is amazing

After the OSU Christmas presents were distributed, I told my family that they should now say that their favorite football team is the Buckeyes.
Host family:"Wait eye? Then what is a buck?"
Me: "Its an animal"
Host family:"Your mascot is the eye of an animal?"
Me:"Buckeyes grow on trees, I just split up the word for pronunciation purposes"

*Twenty minutes later*
Me: "So who is your favorite football team?"
Host mom: "Go Buckets!"

I now have a collection of 15 different camembert cheese boxes and no more room on my blazer.

Today (Jan 4) was a milestone I think because I was having a conversation with my DNL teacher about a project when she stopped and said "You're French is really good now, I consider you fluent."
Trust me-- I am not fluent, but I can fake it til I make it

The second week of vacation was spent with my YEO, and it made me realize how much I miss stand-up showers. My first two host families have sit-down showers that I still do not understand the benefit of.

The exchange student (Gabi from Brazil) hosted by my club returned on January 2nd to take the French graduation test (BAC). It was fun to be in on the surprise for most of my friends, and also to compare my experiences thus far with his from last year. Funny story: I was in math with my friend Lucie (its an optional class so none of our other close friends are in that class) and we were talking to a boy behind us about Gabi when Lucie said,"He knows 4 languages and is learning 2 others." The boy said, "Ok so Brazilian and what else?"
My response was, "American."

Je vous souhaite à tous rencontrez un merveilleux temps des fêtes! Il a été beaucoup plus chaud que ce que je voudrais attendre en Décembre, mais toutes les activités vraiment fait sentir comme Noël! Un arbre de Noël juste d'apparu dans mon école le premier du mois. Mon école a également joué de la musique de Noël, et mes amis m'a appris les paroles de chants français tels que «Vive le Vent.››
Ce mois entier que je suis avec ma deuxième famille d'accueil l'Rannou-Cantimpres. Je suis passé d'un frère d'accueil à de cinq qui a certainement été différent. Nous avons fait du patin à glace, des cuisiner gâteaux, shopping, et regardé de nombreux films. Cette famille a une télévision tandis que ma première famille n'a pas donc je suis en appréciant la télé-réalité française. Ils ont également mis en place le «nouveau mot ou expression en anglais de la journée››. Cela vient généralement de quelque chose que quelqu'un souligne dans la maison / ville ou une phrase que l'un de mes frères d'accueil a vu en ligne. Jusqu'à présent, avec le mot que nous avons appris torchon = towel, Grand rue = Ferris wheel, et le echanger = trade. Les phrases ont été un peu plus difficile parce qu'ils sont un peu difficile à expliquer. Mon frère d'accueil demandé ce que ‹‹flotter partout le bateau›› signifiait. Je me suis finalement rendu compte que cela était ‹‹tout ce qui flotte votre bateau.››
Je l'ai visité trois marchés de Noël (Fleury, Caen, et Rouen). Ils ont tous pour la plupart les mêmes choses. Il ya de la nourriture comme chichis, barbe à papa, et les bretzels; merry-go-rounds (une grande roue si est une grande ville); et des stands avec des jeux, des bijoux et des vêtements. Fleury et Caen étaient avec ma famille, mais Rouen était avec les autres étudiants. Il est difficile de croire que la prochaine fois que nous serons tous ensemble est le voyage en bus!
Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Happy Holidays, Joyeux Fetes, and Happy New Year!!

Christmas/New Years Eve Pictures


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So excited for your teachers to notice your progress! Love you!

by Mom

Buckeyes...yuck! Peanut butter and chocolate ....yummy! ( I typed in buckets and it auto corrected to Buckeyes) this is why Europeans dislike Americans-we make them wear funny clothes from OSU. Also, cause we speak American. Prenez le temps de vivre. Love from all.

by Uncle Joe

Love reading your blog, Rachel - especially your explanation of a Buckeye for your host family. Do you think Ohio Bobcats would translate any easier ;-) If so, I can ship you some green & white... Have a blast - thanks for sharing your adventures!

by Candice

Hi Rachel ! I so look forward to your blogposts and get excited to see a new one...your experiences make me nostalgic for my time in Europe and love the vicarious peek into your adventures. You have a real "voice" in your blogposts ~ something not so easily accomplished ! I enjoyed several macarons recently and smiled at the memory of your Mom telling me I may have saved your life with the (crushing) information that they are an almond based treat. Much love from your Send-Off Party Dessert Caterer. Can you translate that into French ? Don't bother - you must be tired. Love, Julia

by Julia Boyd

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