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Post bac blanc/vacation/family#3

-2 °C

It took about a solid 3 hours, but I have finished packing to move to my third host family! It seems a bit weird to pack considering I have to unpack it all once I get there and then repack to leave for the skitrip tomorrow. I started this year with one large suitcase, a carryon, and a backpack. It is now all that and two more bags and a box.

The bac blanc was definitely an interesting experience. Monday morning was philosophy. The teacher handed out a paper with three subjects: language as a tool, if your past experiences have an effect on who you are now, and comment on a text. Now keep in mind that the test was four hours long and the only thing on the paper was the three subjects. I answered each the best I could, and was really looking forward to getting my score back. Then my friend informed me that I will get an automatic 0 out of 20 because you're supposed to pick just one subject. Then of course on the history exam it was clearly stated on the paper "choose just one."

The english exam was nice and (at this exact moment is when I was called downstairs to switch families and then left for the mountains where I didn't have wifi for a week... now I continue) I expect that I passed it. The history/geography exam was to write a description of the evolution of syndicalism and socialism in Germany since 1815 and then fill out a blank world map and key with geostrategic maritime placements.... not feeling too confident on that one.

My new family is my host mom and three host sisters. Still not all that used to having sisters, but I became the designated hair braider after about two days. We drove 3 hours to my host mom's parents and spent the night. We left the next morning and drove 6 hours to Ch√Ętel. We stayed three nights in an apartment-like cabin and the rest of the nights in the same complex but different room. Each day was pretty much the same: wake up around 8, eat breakfast, find way to the slopes (either by shuttle or car), ski from 10-2, eat lunch at a picnic area, ski until 5 and then take the shuttle back, shower, and dinner.

Two of the days were a bit different as it was raining so we went sledding or to the olympic museum. Sledding wasn't all that successful because the snow wasn't packed down, making it difficult to move. The snow was, however, perfect for an igloo! Took a solid 3 hours, but it was one nice igloo. The olympic museum was very high-tech and featured things like a track that had lights that simulated the speed of Usain Bolt, monitors that showed videos of past opening/closing ceremonies, collections of medals and torches, and games of speed and balance. There was also an exhibit that featured the next host city: Rio. There were lots of pictures of the beach, soccer, and dancing. Then at 4 there was a show with Brazilian drummers, a singer, and five carnival dancers.

The landscapes I saw while skiing were absolutely incredible. I took the Rotary mentality of "just say yes" and tried every obstacle that came my way while skiing. I now have a badly bruised hip and knee, but I pulled off some pretty cool jumps. Of course, the only video there is is of me falling, but hey, I tried.

The week also featured two nights of fondu, a dinner of waffles and my new favorite topping-speculoos, and lots and lots of abondance (the cheese of the area)

Now back at my host family's house, I'm just trying to recover from my sore legs, unpopped ears, slight cold, and sliced finger from using an incredibly sharp knife on soft cheese (won't make that mistake again)

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted (There are so many of you subscribers now! So thank you!) I'd love to answer some questions in my next post so if you're curious about anything, ask in the comments :)

Collection is now at 20

Trip to the mountains



This is the same place a day apart

Flag pictures!

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Love the "yes!" mentality. Those mountains are much bigger than Up North Michigan. Your mom just gave me your new address so expect a few catch up letters from the Kromm family.

by Aunt Maggie

How does skiing in the Alps compare to skiing in Michigan? (Longer/steeper trails?). Do you enjoy skiing more now? Or have you had enough? Haha did you learn anything new?

by Mom

Wow Rachel, all good stuff. Even the sliced finger (every scar has a story). You just might want to change it from cutting soft cheese to defending America from ISIS. Glad you are really getting a different taste of the county with each new host family. Do you do Amercan braiding? Do they call it French braids or just braids? Keep taking pictures and keep the updates coming. Love to see you smiling!!

by Uncle Joe

Hello Rachel

you forgot the funky uncle and his girlfriend...


by Michel

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