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Carnaval Caen 2k16

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Happy Carnaval!

It is Wednesday once again meaning that my school day ends at 11:30. Usually I stay out for a bit, but it's raining and I had told my family that I would make lunch. Because I forgot to check my phone, they thought I wasn't coming back until later so I have free time: time to write!
School update: I now do all of the homework and tests in my classes :( It wasn't that I wasn't doing anything before, it's just that I'm not a big fan of the tests. I'd rather just try to learn in class and not be scored (ignorance is bliss). Last week was my first geography test: scored 16/20. The topic was the US. So a good grade is expected, right? If it were the states, but it was this:
The map given to us was just the outline of the US and the key was a blank piece of paper
Yesterday was the carnaval de Caen! The numbers dropped from 30,000 to 20,000 people this year due to recent events, but the crowd certainly did not feel small. The most interesting part for me was just seeing all of the costumes. The ones I can remember are:
Animals (real and fictional) onesies: giraffe, lion, tiger, bear (oh my!), zebra, unicorn, lemur, stitch, Sully, pig, monkey, bee, lady bug, fox, pikachu, dog, crocodile, cow, dragon, chicken, penguin, shark, gorilla
USA related: the us flag, Obama, Bush, Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Lincoln, Uncle Ben, captain america
Social media: facebook, instagram, tinder, snapchat, twitter
Fictional characters: Loki, Thor, Mario, Luigi, every disney princess/villain, team rocket, Ash, breaking bad, spongebob, batman/superman/etc., mickey/minnie, tarzan
Foods: avocado, banana, watermelon, M&M
Other: ninja, vampire, zombie, cowboy, zombie cowboy, flower, farmer, football/baseball/soccer players, guys dressed as girls and vice versa, indian, gypsie, cop, pirate, clown, mafia member, french person (complete with baret and baguette), nun, monk, guy riding a dinosaur, santa, legos, prisoners, mime, beer, doctor, sailor, waldo
The best people were the ones that really got into character! For example: the three nuns that would walk in a line while humming to every class, the guy dressed as tinder that would hand people X's or check marks (similar with Facebook with "likes"), and the kangaroo that would hop up and down through the high grass during the march.
For an idea of how crazy it was type: carnaval caen 2016 into google images
We had the practice round for the repas de saveurs this past weekend. Every country pairs off by two, and one makes dessert and the other a main dish. We sell tickets to people who will come and try a bit of all of the food. The students then pick a charity organization to donate to. Last year raised 3,000 euros!
The tiger makeup took about an hour and 3 tutorials...

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Great post....you're not "lion" around. Glad to hear you are giving us all the details and not just "lion". That's all the dad humor I have for today. Most of your uncles are in Myrtle Beach this week. We are all talking about how impressed, jealous and proud we are of all you are doing. I think your dad cried a little. Keep sending posts!

by Joe

Great post! I looked at the photos on Google, and wow that looks like a fun event! :)

by Brooke Perin

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