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Stories Part 4

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Plenty has been happening here in the last two months or so. Hence why I haven't written another "stories" installment. Anyone that knows me well enough, however, knows that I can't go long without an awkward situation or making a witty (in my opinion) remark. So, as the new phrase we learned in english class goes, without further "Add-O" (ado) here's some things that have happened.

I ordered a croissant in French then paid
The cashier said "thank you" in German
I said "What?" in English

My host mom took me to a movie on a Tuesday night, and said there would be another in 15 days. I said,"oh Wednesday works better because I start later on Thursday." She looked at me confused, and said that the next one is on Tuesday night. So when a french person says "15 days" it really means "2 weeks"

Whenever I meet a new group of people: "Hi I'm Rachel" ... "Oh like in FRIENDS?" repeat x number of encounters

Jokes I played on another american during bus trip

1.) At most pizza places in Europe a bottle of really spicy oil is usually placed on the table. I had started to say, "it's very spicy", but decided to go with, It's good, but not very strong so a lot has to be put on." ..... He poured a lot on... oops. He did continue to eat the entire thing though because, in his words, "[He is] a man"

2.) We had a guided audio tour in Milan with radios and headphones. I was close enough to hear the guide so I plugged the headphones into my phone and played background music. I showed two of my friends and somehow convinced them that it was channel 17 on the radio.

3.) On the same tour, my friend had stopped listening entirely to the guide so I jokingly remarked, "You should really listen because there's a test when we get back to the bus." I got a panicked response of, "No! Dang! Really??"

4.) We had a paper to fill out for the last day, but there were only a few pens. The same person had already asked my friend many times, but he thought she hadn't heard so asked me to ask... so I turned to her and said, "They don't need the pen anymore, they found another one"

I started this post awhile back.... wow

Well it's finally above 60 degrees here, and the season for France's national sport has begun: la greve.
Yep, it's striking season. We started with an oil strike, followed by the trains (second time this year), this morning the general electric company, and rumors of air traffic joining in as well. With exams starting in school, I can't imagine that they will last very long. As for the question on what the strikes are over: In general it's higher pay, more paid vacation, etc. Sorry I can't be more specific as to each strike, but the strikers are generally the only ones that know. Oh by the way, France has a 35 hour work week and 5 weeks of paid vacation if you ever thought about moving ;)

I learned in my english class that schedule can be pronounced sedule (because my professors son said so)
I guess it's "the British way" just like every other english thing in that class that I don't understand
On that note: you try explaining the uses and differences between sleek, shiny, glimmering, and sparkling-- and not go completely insane

Have I mentioned that my host parents are now a foster family? I now have a 2-month-old host sister named Louisa. She is absolutely adorable. Supposedly another 11-year-old will join too, but only for 2 weeks if I heard correctly.

I had another trip to Paris the other day
Champs Élysées
then back down the street to find coffee
Champs Élysées
Brazilian Consulate
Champs Élysées
Macdo for lunch
Champs Élysées
Eiffel Tower
Champs Élysées
Brazilian Consulate to pick up papers
Champs Élysées
Brazilian consulate
Hard Rock Café

Did you notice any repetitiveness? A combination of bad planning and asking directions to the wrong address... oops
Still a pretty amazing day

Oh yeah and my family was here! If anyone knows my mother: the next time you see her point at a random building and ask, "Is that the Louvre?" or If she asks where something is respond with, "It's in China, right?"
It will be worth the ask

Don't be too mad at me, mom... I found the 3 for 10 euros trays!

That's all I can think of for now, I'll write more soon<3

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Funny stories--although I didn't get the pen one! The strikes in France are definitely different that what we are used to here. While we were in Paris, we witnessed the strike/crowd and heard the subsequent tear gas that was used to disperse the crowd. While in belgium, Rachel's host family let us know to buy petrol in Belgium, due to the shortage caused by the strike. For the remainder of our trip, we were constantly searching for gas stations that had gas and/or shorter lines. It reminded him and me of the 70's gas shortage. All the French families called striking a "sport" in France. Very interesting. I now know where the Louvre is and what it looks like--thanks, Rach. 😉

by Mom

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