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Disneyland Paris!


My host father took me to the train station Friday morning. I met with the other student in Caen, Arianna, and we took the train (1 hour) to Bernay. Then we got onto a bus that took us to Paris. We made two stops. First to pick up students and the second to stop for gas/bathroom/buy food. I still find it hilarious that sour patch kids are called "very bad kids" here. We got to Disney around noon. The Canadian, other Americans, the Italian, 2 Mexicans, and I found a gazebo outside of the park for lunch. We were all told to bring food so there was a surplus of French junk food.
We started with the main park (I forget what it's called) (the one with the castle). It took some time but we finally found some rides. Then we went to the studios area and rode some more rides. I forget which were in which park, but we went on Rockin Rollercoaster, Space Mountain, that old-west mine cart thing, a car ride from Toy Story, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear shooting game, and I think that's it(?)
Next, we ate the leftover food and did some shopping. I wanted to buy a pin for my blazer, but the cheapest was $8 so I decided against it. I did buy a beanie because I was desperate for something that said "Disneyland Paris" on it. I tried this candy that was sugar inside of what tasted like styrofoam. We all agreed it tasted pretty awful. We also ate the entire carton.
To finish out the day.... Fireworks!

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French Disease


Wednesday night I went to sleep with a bit of a sniffle. The next morning, I had a headache, stomach ache, watery eyes, runny nose, and sore throat. I was so confused as to what this was. I could hardly swallow without horrible pain. I took an allergy pill because that is all I had packed. I have concluded that it is just something French. Then, I started wondering how I caught whatever this was. Well I had kissed everyone I've met since I've arrived, walked for 3 hours in the cold and rain on Sunday, and saw many friends that were sick. Also, the tram is absolutely awful as it is tightly packed. Tuesday on my way to school a woman sneezed into her hand and then reached for the rail, without looking, ... and placed her hand right. on. mine. After analyzing my week, not getting sick would have been a miracle. Good news everyone! I am feeling much better now. (calm down, mom) My only true sadness from this sickness is that at the Rotary dinner last night I could not taste the food very well. The food looked so good though.
I don't have any pictures from this week, but because the September Rotary weekend is tomorrow I thought I'd share my photos from exactly 1 year ago.
bisous bisous bisous

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A few things

A french school meal. Multiple choices for main dish are offered as well as fruit, yogurt, mousse, pudding, three types of salad, avocado/grapefruit, and bread.
La Marche de la Paix. It was freezing/muddy/rainy, but hearing the stories about the end of the war while being at the spot where it all happened is indescribable.
The tour of the middle ages! Château de Caen/Falaise, Abbaye des hommes, Tapestry de Bayeux. The abbey was the first picture I saw of Caen when I found out I was coming to Normandy, and now I pass it everyday on the way to school.
Lucie, Océane, Radia, et Clément

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An American in Normandy


"Normandy has a lot of rain, so there's a lot of grass, so there are a lot of cows, so there is a lot of milk, so there is a lot of cheese and yogurt."

"Is it Rawshell or Rockelle?"

Awkward moments

I bumped into someone on the tram when I was going to school, and as a reflex I said,"Sorry... my bad." Every head on the tram turned at that moment and I heard various murmurs of "Americain" and "Anglais."

The geography teacher was asking what states certain cities were in. He asked about, "bortlyn" and I thought he said Brooklyn. Eventually he said, "Bortlyn, Oregon" I responded, "Oh! Portland." The whole class bursted out laughing at my weird pronunciation....

Student: What state are you from?
Me: Ohio
Student: Oh-he-oh? Why is your state named after a cookie?
Me:...... That's an oreo

In English class, the teacher handed out a reading that we would discuss. The reading was on Gap-years. I didn't raise my hand to answer anything as I don't need to work on my English, but the teacher kept calling on me. The worst part was he talked about how gap years to volunteer/ travel are the worst because then you're spending a ton of money and it's just an excuse to postpone university. He asked, "Rachel what is your opinion on gap-years?" I responded,"Well professor... I'm in one right now."

A common way to say "How are you?" is "ça va?" This directly translates as "It goes?" You can respond with ça va or oui to say "yes, it goes"
I realized this when my friend would ask in English:
Him: How are you?
Me: Good, and you?
Him: Yes
I'm currently trying to explain why that doesn't work, but I am not succeeding.

Weird things that have happened

So my friends and family keep saying that I'm "timid" "don't talk enough" and that I'm "shy"
Eventually I just snapped and went on a rant to my friends at lunch about how I would be talking except the conversation changes by the time I comprehend anything, I can only speak slowly, and I am just frustrated. This rant was in English. oops.

I heard a bunch of voices down the hall yelling, "Qui est Rachel?" (who is Rachel) I responded after a few times, then 3 people ran up, said,"hello" and then ran away.

I will probably add on to this post because this kind of stuff happens a lot.

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Ok so yesterday I started classes at Lycée Victor Hugo. It was just an hour-long "meet the teacher." I understood next to nothing. Then I got lost on the way home. At least the weather was nice. The way to school is much more complicated than my usual "5 minute with two turns" route. I have to walk down two streets to the bus, get off at Quai Meslin, walk three blocks to the tram station, get off at St. Pierre, then walk two blocks to my school. Also, the way home is not the same. I have different stops(yayyyyy).On Wednesdays (so today) there are only two classes for Terminale L (literature and Spanish/German). Somehow I managed to understand more in the Spanish class than the literature class... The director is allowing me not to take Spanish, but that means I travel 2 hours round-trip for one class. Awesome. Good news- I made some friends and chocolate with orange is delicious.IMG_2874.jpgIMG_2873.jpgIMG_2875.jpgIMG_2842.jpgIMG_2841.jpg
More Pictures from Cabourg
Visited the castle
Kim, Louis and a rotarian that asked for a selfie

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